Exterior wooden doors
Exterior wooden doors

Exterior wooden doors

ART-TOM was founded in 1992. Since the beginning of our activity, we have been specializing in manufacturing of wooden exterior doors. Our products have the CE certificate, allowing the product to be sold throughout the European Union. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

The basic raw material for the production of exterior doors at our company is oak and meranti.

We obtain oak wood from certified cultivations of the Polish State Forests. Meranti wood comes mainly from Malesia or Indonesia. The obtained material is then selected, sawn and seasoned. The prepared material of correct humidity is glued in layers, giving the door structure better stability and, as a consequence, contributing to increasing door tightness.

Meranti wood doors are characterized by an equal texture with an interesting grain. Meranti wood is often confused with mahogany, however, it is similar to it in terms of properties and parameters, and most importantly, does not have flaws of softwood, such as resinosis. Veneer coating highlights the wood grain, giving it a noble surface.

Oak wood doors are much appreciated due to durability and strength. A symbol of longevity, dignity and strength. An exclusive appearance and a significantly higher density characterize oak wood.

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